Care Services

Our Quality Care

We all need some form of care and support, even if it’s just a chat.  More often than not the question of care often arises in life due to an unforeseen change in circumstances.  The Care Workshop understands that sudden changes not only have an impact on your life and emotions but also your family members and close friends.  

Sudden change is a challenging phase in life, which can become manageable with the right support, the right care and the right people around you.   We can support you to help you settle back into a normal routine enabling you to retain your confidence and independence.

The Care Workshop currently provides a comprehensive range of service including:

•    Post - operative short term care
•    Care for the elderly
•    Disability assistance
•    Mental health support assistance
•    Special needs
•    Care for children and young adults
•    Tailored 24/7 care
•    Bereavement support
•    Appropriate spiritual / religious support
•    Responsive and flexible availability
•    Supported Living

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