End of Life Care

Our main objective of Palliative care is to achieve the best quality of life for service users, families and carers. The Care Workshop prides itself in having the belief that every person with a life threatening or life limiting illness has the right to receive the best quality palliative care.

Our Palliative Care Strategy:

We provide an active and passionate approach in order to treat and comfort each individual with a life threatening or life limiting condition. Our end of life care plan is designed in a unique way, in order to take in consideration about the persons circumstances and needs.    

End of Life Care Plan:

Our plan will focus on mainly prevention and relief of pain. We will identify the best way to ensure the treatment of pain, and also other physical and psychological problems. At all times our plan will respect all religious and cultural beliefs of the individual. The Care Workshop will continue to provide constant support for the family, friends and carers during the bereavement process.   

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